Why shops and
stores need Branding?

Branding, is a must for every small, startups, partnerships and Corporation. Here are some reasons why Branding is important to any business be it big or small. Retail shop Branding that helps to create a business’s identity, awareness or even loyalty among the customer base.

Before we go ahead with this, we need to first understand what is shop branding or Retail branding ?

It is a marketing strategy aiming to increase footfalls in the store by increasing customer engagement at all levels ( physical, emotional); associating the shop’s offerings ( products/ services) with some specific personality and traits. It also helps in building up a strong customer Relationship which results in increased sales volume over the time.

Let’s now check on what are the types of retail/ shop branding –
the variety of retail shop branding option is endless. From the most basic
to the most cutting edge. Here are some of the most popular types of retail shop branding

  1. Logos
  2. Business cards
  3. Store design and layout
  4. Shop signage
  5. Price
  6. Product packaging 

Now let’s dive into the process of shop branding.the 1st step to any successful shop branding is to learn about the business’s customer base, the usp of their offerings and a strong competitive analysis. The objective is to provide the client with a clear and detailed SWOT ( strength, weakness, opportunity & threats) in each area.

Retail/ shop branding thus helps to create an image for the store, which can be used in advertising, product packaging and other marketing materials. With shop branding one can boost the search engine ranking by using keywords that people use when looking for retail shops in their area.