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So, why should they pick your product up off the shelf?

Any consumer, including yourself, is tempted to pick something off the shelf that winks at you the moment you enter into a supermarket. That's the success of a good product packaging design.

Our main aim, being one of the top advertising firms in Pune, is to create an attractive food and product packaging design, which catches your customer’s eyes in one look. A graphic design studio adds mesmerizing colours and fonts, along with engaging package designs. A product should let its viewer know the contents without even peeping or smelling it. A great package design invariably results into an upward arrow in your sales charts. Now, when we are talking about charts, White Warbler’s success chart for packaging design in Pune and in Mumbai has been escalating ever since making a mark in the advertising world in India. We always want the package design to mystify with buyers and compel them to pick it up out of curiosity. That is half work done and then the product does half. It happens only when experience meet expertise.


Who reads so much, is a common question people ask these days. Well, who doesn't?

Everyone who's willing to spend, mostly want to know before buying. While an FMCG product is communicated through the short communication media like a press advertise or a poster, a service provider, a real estate property need a more explanatory
form like a brochure to solutions, catalogues, mini single-fold and one-pagers form the spine of your marketing strategy. We understand that a brochure has more shelf life as compared to a press advertisement or paper posters.

Therefore, we as a product design and development studio in India, meticulously prepare a brochure, where the offerings are depicted along with the corporate vision and profile. A good brochure, product label or even a packaging box must be engaging and interactive. It should inspire the questions and provide answers.


Where a picture speaks a thousand words, Words tell you the entire story

Till a few years ago people used to think that advertising is all about designing. Pull some good layout from the internet, paste an image to it and write a couple of lines with a direct appeal and your advertisement is ready. You guessed it right. Back then and even today, the ingredients are the same.

They are eternal – a layout, a picture and some text. But thats advertising design. No scribble attains the level of a design until it is backed with a concrete thought that is derived from ‘why’. Until and unless you find the answers, no layout can dare to be called an advertising design.

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