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The Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Can’t Survive Without Branding

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The Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Can’t Survive Without Branding

Products are so much more than just products, right? Starbucks isn’t just coffee; Nike is so much more than shoes, and Coca-Cola is beyond a soda. We don’t buy products; we buy experiences that the interaction with the product delivers.

Going beyond a memorable logo, clever branding can boost the value of your business. It can offer motivation and direction to your employees and help you acquire new customers. It takes 5-7 impressions for anyone to recall a brand, and showcasing your brand consistently across multiple platforms can boost revenue by 23%. Branding is similar to the soul of your business and the foundation for your success.

In short, a brand is everything and requires the right strategy, design and communication to build. It represents your customers’ perception of the product or service. When your logo, advertising, reputation and service work well together, your brand tends to be healthy. No matter what’s the size of your business, branding in Pune is essential for the following reasons:

1.It Builds Trust

When companies build a trustworthy brand reputation and prove their quality across media and the public, customers are more comfortable spending money on such brands. For example, we buy Nike shoes despite their higher cost because we trust that athletes worldwide use them for their sports tournaments.

2. It Creates Brand Awareness

When there are consistent visuals of a brand, it helps create awareness in the minds of customers, employees and even stakeholders. In addition, a positive brand image enables customers to recognize a brand amidst tons of competitors. For instance, you walk into a grocery store to buy a cereal box. Amongst all the ten brands, you pick up Kellogg’s. Wondering why? It’s because the brand is etched in your mind.

3.It Keeps Misinterpretation Away

Branding activities leave no space for conflict in a brand’s personality. On the contrary, branding makes sure that the company is doing everything possible to project its best possible identity to the world. In this regard, the employees of a company are crucial to maintaining and nourishing a corporate brand image. When your team knows your brand values and communicates them in their behaviour, your brand will gain more recognition and avoid misinterpretation.

4. It Shapes your Customers’ Thoughts and Delivers Loyalty

Why would you prefer an iPhone over a Samsung or vice versa? Both brands have built their customer loyalty over years of branding activities. Thanks to their branding efforts, you have established a preference for your brand of smartphones. Branding is a bridge that connects businesses with their customers and partners. Subconsciously, it shapes the opinions of customers about the company. By emphasizing your key strengths, features and USPs, you have a better chance of winning the loyalty and hearts of your existing and potential customers.

5. It Generates Revenue and Ensures ROI

Brand credibility helps lay the foundation for a new business vertical or a new product. For example, if Hindustan Unilever introduced a new soap and your local grocery store started their soap, which one would you prefer to buy? Branding also helps companies get excellent word of mouth business. When your logo, marketing, branding and advertising in Pune work together, you can form a great impression in your customers’ minds.

Convinced that you need to invest in branding activities? Before you begin, keep in mind the 3 essential tips:

  1. Have a customer-centric approach
  2. Create a simple message that demonstrates your value.
  3. Use emotions to connect with your customers

If you’re looking for a reliable branding company in Pune to help you with your corporate branding, White Warbler Communications is happy to help. Our team of branding experts in Pune has the experience and knowledge to take your brand to the next level.

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