Augmented Reality and
it’s role in Marketing.

Augmented reality has gained humongous attention in last few years. Various studies and reports in the marketing space have managed to tackle few of the aspects of augmented reality as in the terms of its impact on various areas of marketing. Yet, a 360 degree holistic approach towards it remains vague. The digital marketing space is constantly evolving and its far more engaging than the traditional marketing tools. Now, AR is one of the trending marketing features providing target prospects with deep personal experiences that are accessible and convenient. It’s a powerful tool used to increase brand value with the optimal engagement of customers (target audience) in the most smart way through mobile devices.

Now the question arises what is AR in marketing?

In layman words, it is a dish prepared using modern technology with innovative process involving traditional spices. In other words it’s a powerful marketing strategy allowing brands to provide much needed attention from the customers. This technology is basically used to promote brand awareness (traditional spices) but in a unique way (modern technology and process). It gives the brand a sharp and competitive edge through experimental marketing which helps to build a better emotional attachment than conventional advertising methods.

Benefits of using AR

  1. Promotes the brand effectively.
  2. Creates personal experience with customers.
  3. Creates buzz around the brand.
  4. Stimulates purchase decision.
  5. Boost Sales.
  6. Better customer service.
  7. Boosts social media marketing. 

Future of AR in marketing space is rapidly becoming one of the most exciting technologies in the digital canvas and is expected to gain the lion’s share in the market. Many ecommerce stores have already started investing in virtual try on technology to gain an advantage in the market. Thus, including or taking into consideration the constant evolving market trends, businesses must consider AR as one of their marketing tools before it’s too late.